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Inclement Weather Notice


School may be cancelled when the Superintendent and/or Principal believe the safety of students and employees is threatened by severe weather.  A decision to close school will be made as early in the day as possible.  School closing announcements will be sent via the Infinite Campus Alert System, as well as broadcast on local television and radio stations and placed on media websites.  In the event the district does not close school and conditions in your area are bad, or you think it is unsafe, you, as a parent or guardian, should make your own decision about sending your child to school.  If you will be keeping your child home when school is in session, please call the school office and notify them of your decision.  Thank you.

Hoopin’ to Morse Code

IMG_1971IMG_1977Students were introduced to the use of code. The work of Navajo and Ojibwe code talkers during WWII was presented through a short video and news articles recently posted. The value of the code talkers in our history is not as well known because of the secret nature of their assignment. In recent years their work has been made public. The contribution to the world immeasurable.

Continuing our study into the uses and pattern involved in code we looked at Morse Code. The code was developed by Samuel F.B. Morse in 1844. Even after more than 160 years, it is still used today, especially by amateur radio operators. The code can be sent quickly over the telegraph, and is also useful for emergency signaling (SOS) with a radio, mirror, or flashlight, and even for people with severe disabilities to communicate. In order to master Morse code, however, you need to approach it like a new language.

For this project students create a a hula hoop (out of black weeper hose) 4 meter (400 cm) in circumference. Student each chose a phrase that “gets you through the day” and worked it out in Morse code on graph paper. “Dits”, “dahs” and spaces create a pattern determining the visual pattern of Morse Code.

Veteran’s Day at South Ridge

Student receiving award for winning writing contest.

Student receiving award for winning writing contest.

“Veteran’s Day not only honors those who have served our country in the past, but also those who are serving at the present. Veterans present a true cross-section of our society.They are from all races, creeds, faiths, sexes and ethnic heritages – but all are truly Americans.

During a time of conflict or of peace they have left families, friends and careers to protect our country and way of life. They have left the ‘civilian” segment of the population and have now become a part of the military. Answering this “call of duty” binds them together in a unique way.

I know that some of you will follow this course in your life. I wish you good luck and welcome your joining, whichever branch of service you choose. Hopefully this service will eventually secure what Vets want, and that is peace.” – Bob Larsen VFW Post 3044 Commander


The all-school assembly was held on November 11th in the school’s gym. The program began with the South Ridge Community Choir singing the “Star Spangled Banner” followed by a number of speakers, demonstration and explanation of how to fold a flag as well as elementary choir groups singing patriotic songs.  Awards were given to students for their writing and coloring contest submissions from 2013 and 2014. We wish to thank the community for their part in the program as well as all Veteran’s and Auxiliary members who attended the event.  We thank you for your service.

South Ridge Community Choir

South Ridge Community Choir

Bob Larsen VFW Post 3044 Commander

Bob Larsen VFW Post 3044 Commander

Greta Lindgren, Women's Auxillary

Greta Lindgren, Women’s Auxiliary


Elementary Choir

Elementary Choir

 Student receiving award for writing contest

5th Grade Trip to Wolf Ridge

Picnic lunch on Lake Superior

Picnic lunch on Lake Superior


Just Hanging Out :)


Changing Climates


Geology Class, Sitting on the Parent Rock

On October 8th, the fifth grade students headed out on a 3-day, 2 night field trip to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center. While the days and fun flew by rapidly, the experience is one they are not likely to forget. Each day, students were actively involved in hands on learning opportunities. Whether they were hiking along a mountain trail, learning the time line of rocks, or descending 244 stairs to a river to go fishing, the kids were having fun as well as learning. Students learned what it was like for voyageurs decades ago, by canoeing to a campsite where they practiced making fire to cook their own biscuits and tea.

On two different occasions they were able to observe the stars, through outdoor telescopes, as well as close up in an indoor star lab. They learned how various cultures created different stories to go with the constellations, and had the opportunity to draw their own constellation and tell a story. The most favored course of the students however, was the Ropes Course. This is an obstacle course set about 50 feet off the ground. Students, secured into safety harnesses, walked along a rickety bridge, logs, and various high wires, only to finish with an exhilarating ride down a zip line to the finish. They tackled their fear of heights and gravity with the support of their peers. They came back with newly formed friendships, amazing stories to tell, and of course, more educated.

The fifth grade students and staff would like to thank the chaperones that volunteered their time to attend this trip. Chaperones spent 3 days from, 6 a.m. until after 10 p.m., interacting with students. They didn’t have even one break, and never once did they complain. You are amazing and we are grateful to have such amazing support and help!

Cross Country and Volleyball Teams Celebrated at All School Pep Fest


South Ridge Volleyball Team with Captain Mikayla Olesiak Speaking to Students


BACK2BACK 2013-2014 State Competitors!! South Ridge Cross Country Team with Awards Presented Over Last Two Years.

The whole school came out as the South Ridge Pep Band played to celebrate the achievement of this years Volleyball and Cross Country teams as they advance in their state sports standing.

Volleyball will play at Denfeld, 4 PM in the Final Four game against Carlton. The Cross Country team has left for St. Olaf where tomorrow they will compete in the MSHSL State Competition.

You all have shown what it means to be a champion in athletics, academics and in life. We support you!! IMG_6559Congratulations!!IMG_6604


Great Season in Girls Volleyball


5th-6th Grade Boys Football Finish Season Undefeated!

The 5th and 6th grade football team finished their season last weekend and they are the 2014 undefeated pony league champions.elem FB team

Congratulations to Cross Country Team!!

cc2014-15ntrack2014-15btrack2014-15atrack2014-15cThe South Ridge Girls Cross Country Team has placed 2nd in the section and advancing to the State Cross Country meet at St. Olaf.  They received 16th place.  Congratulations to the South Ridge Panthers Girls Cross Country Team  as the 2014-15 Polar League Champs! What a great season! Way to go PANTHERS!

Media Art Students Study Wing Young Huie

IMG_0003_4thgrader_chalktalkweb3IMG_8984IMG_2039_web_1Me_edit_smallHigh School students studied the photography of Duluth native, Wing Young Huie. Students pair with someone they might not know too well and engage each other by asking a series of open-ended questions. Then they choose only one of the answers from each person, which that person then writes down on black construction paper with white chalk. This intimate and non-confrontational interaction addresses issues of bias, challenging preconceptions of the other and one’s self. How would you answer these questions?

  • What are you?
  • How do you think others see you? What don’t they see?
  • What advice would you give to a stranger?
  • What is your favorite word?
  • Describe an incident that changed you.
  • How have you been affected by race?

See Media Art student work at