MCA testing will resume Thursday, April 23, 2015 

Make plans to do your best! The night before your test be sure get to bed on time, eat a healthy breakfast and stay positive! A good attitude is worth a lot. South Ridge Staff is dedicated to you doing your personal best!!

All Juniors will be taking the ACT test on April 28th. For more information click here!

Information regarding April 28 ACT Testing Day for high school juniors

The ACT, a college entrance test, is Minnesota’s new requirement for high school graduation. Beginning this year, all juniors are required to participate in the ACT Plus writing. The ACT Plus Writing has five components: English, mathematics, reading, science and writing.  In accordance with this state law, all current high school juniors in District 2142 will participate in the ACT Plus Writing in school on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Information for all students in Grade 11: Required ACT Plus Writing on April 28

 Attendance: It is very important for high school juniors to be in attendance on Tuesday, April 28, for the statewide ACT Plus Writing testing day. Please mark your calendar and avoid scheduling appointments for your student on this date.

Schedule & Transportation: School start times will remain the same. It is absolutely necessary for student to arrive by 8:30 that day.  Students will test until approximately1:45 p.m. with one 15-minute break, per ACT guidelines.   If a student arrived to school late they will be required to take the test on the May make-up date.

Meals: The school cafeteria will be serving a snack for all students at break time. Students may also choose to bring a snack of their own. Lunch will be provided for all students by the school district after testing.

Prohibited Behavior: The students will not be allowed to bring any items into the testing room with the exception of a #2 pencil and an approved calculator.  Cell phones are not permitted.  Students may not have any reading materials during the test.  No snacks or water is allowed in the room with students.  For a list of prohibited behavior please go to:

Test Results: Students who participate in the ACT Plus Writing may view their scores online three to eight weeks after the test date if they create a free ACT student web account. Students may create an ACT web account at If students have questions about creating an account, they may contact Hard copies of test reports will be distributed to students in Fall 2015.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding plans for ACT testing on April 28, please contact your school’s counselor or principal.


Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) in ISD 2142

MDEParents/Guardians: We are coming upon the Minnesota Testing season. Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) are very important to gauge the progress of students and of the school, and are used to determine whether a school has made Adequate Yearly Progress. These tests are designed by the state to measure progress on the Minnesota State Standards.

This year the MCA reading tests for grades 3-8 and 10 are online. The MCA-III Mathematics tests for grades 3-8 and 11 will also continue in that format. The GRAD Writing test will no longer be administered by the state. The MCA Math and Reading tests for grades 3-8 are structured in 4 segments that are each approximately 40 minutes. The students are not timed on these tests and can take as much time as necessary. Students will take 1-2 segments each day.

Please note those days your child will be testing so we can insure great attendance and students ready for assessments. The school has been working to prepare your child for these assessments. It is very important that they also take care of their needs outside the school to prepare.

What can you do to help your child prepare for testing? 1. Make sure they have a good nights sleep. The optimum amount of sleep is 8.5- 10 hours of sleep for students in this age range. 2. Make sure they have a good breakfast. Foods like eggs, nuts, yogurt, and cottage cheese are better for testing than muffins or high sugar foods. Also, water is better than soda for a pre-test meal. 3. Encourage students to try to show their best work on the tests. We want students to show growth in their learning. We want them to take pride in their work.

If you would like to look at the online samplers they are available on the Minnesota State Assessment website. They will allow you to see the look and feel of the state assessment while providing example problems at each grade level. There are also activities for students on the site. The site is Pearson Access, choose Minnesota and there is a tab for Families. The link to that site can also be found on For more information you can visit the Minnesota Department of Education website under “Just Parents”.

If you have any questions, contact your building principal  or you can contact me at the number below. Thank you, Kristi Berlin Curriculum and Technology Integration Director District Assessment Coordinator 218-749-8130

Prom 2015

prom flyer

National Alliance of Mental Health Community Workshop

South Ridge Community Education will be hosting two NAMI Minnesota workshops on Thursday April 30th. Please consider attending.

6:30 – 7:30 will cover the three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide. Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. QPR is the most widely taught gatekeeper training program in the United States.

8:00 – 9:00 Will provide information for participants about health insurance option, value coverage, options under MNsure, MA expansion, changes to Minnesota Care, and the benefits to people living with mental illnesses.

Both of these workshops are free and open to the public.

For more information contact South Ridge Community Education at or call 218-345-6720



1st-2nd Grade Sugerbush


Maple Sugar candy


On April 8th our 1st and 2nd grade classes (96 kids!) enjoyed a special field trip out to the Spirit Lake Sugarbush in Sawyer, MN. The Sugarbush is owned and operated by Bruce and Tawny Savage along with their children, two of our very own alumni Cedar Savage and Kayla Jackson. The welcoming commitee also included all members of the family chicken coop. The kids were excited and ready to get hands-on.

Their 80-acre farm produces throughout the year. In the spring, the Sugar Maples are tapped to produce pure maple syrup, maple sugar, and the famous maple candies!  The farm has diversified production including small garden plots with variety of vegetables, chickens that produce homegrown eggs, and orchards that yield berries and cherries. In the autumn, Bruce and family custom finish hand-harvested wild rice (manoomin in Ojibwemowin), completing a seasonal cycle of production familiar to the people of the region.
Spirit Lake’s mission is to promote sustainable living and support small business development. Maple syrup, wild rice, heirloom produce, meats, fruits, maple coated pecans, and Native American beadwork are sold through a number of retail channels including local businesses, Duluth farmers’ markets, and online.  Our chaperones were very excited to purchase these delectable products right on site.

Our students had a wonderful time learning using place based education and outdoor classrooms. They were even treated to taste tests of maple sugar and maple syrup. The finale was a hit when our dear friend Cedar handed out Sugar Cakes to all that attended, yum!

Pictured above – (left) making maple sugar candy (right) teaching students how to gather the sap.

MSHSL Art Contest

DSC_0078DSC_0079 (1)

Best of show for craft went to Rebecca Flynn, South Ridge School for her beaded necklace.

“Best of Show” for Craft went to Rebecca Flynn, South Ridge School for her beaded necklace. She will exhibit in the State Art Contest Exhibition at Perpich Art School on May 16th, 2-5 PM.

The 2015 Annual MSHSL Art Contest was April 8th  at Barnum High School. Over 16 schools participated with a record number of art works submitted wide. Over 16 HS art students participated with 14 of them receiving “Superior” ratings for their work. The work is up in the hallway gallery. “Best of Show” in Craft was created by Becca F. And her work will go to the State Art Exhibition in mid-May.

The contest is a highlight for visual students. Students spend time looking at other students work and are encouraged, challenged and changed by being together. The visual student always is pushing themselves to work in a world that is overwhelming directed with words. Most of us are moved and enjoy the visual language.  Artists know how to control a composition and create work that can say more than words – it can express feelings, references to history, present options for the future.

Congratulations to all those who participated!


Guest art Jonathan Thunder talked with students about his work as a painter and animator – creating an original animation before our eyes. It was great to be together and share our work.


Van’s Custom Culture Submission 2015

Vans Custom Culture was created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design, and to bring attention to diminishing arts education budgets. Custom Culture is a national high school customization competition using four pairs of blank Vans shoes to be customized around four themes: Art, Music, Action Sports and Local Flavor. South Ridge High School art students have again entered the national competition with resigning four of their most popular shoes. High School Sculpture students worked together to create these amazing shoes. We will know April 24th. Congrats to everyone involved you have made us proud!!!

Knowledge Bowl 2015

Knowledge Bowl Team 2015

Knowledge Bowl Team 2015

South Ridge has 5 Knowledge Bowl Teams. There are 95 Knowledge Bowl teams in Tier 2 which is our region. South Ridge’s Team 1 made the regional tournament cut off of the top 24 teams! The team was tied for 3rd place for much of the tournament – but ended up in 9th place overall. The top 3 schools (Mesabi East, I-Falls, and Cook County) go on to state.

The competition includes: 1 written round and 5 oral rounds.
answer questions covering all areas: literature, math, science, current events, geography, grammar, art, history, government,

Knowledge Bowl is a power competition in which team groupings are rearranged after each round on the basis of their total points accumulated. The written round is a multiple-choice exam taken by each team as a whole. Results of this round are used for seeding teams in the oral rounds

MSHSL Band Contest

IMG_1649Congratulations to the high school Band for their performance at the Minnesota State Music Contest. The band received “Superior” from all three judges! This is the highest award available! Morgan Cherne received a perfect score of 40! The sophomore, sax group, and the Ludwig’s also received “Superior” ratings! The trumpet duet and flute duet received “Excellent”. Great job everyone!! You are amazing!

Math Masters

downloadThe Math Masters program challenges students to use critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities in mathematics, while recognizing academic effort and achievement. South Ridge 5th-6th Grade students have worked during the school year to better their Math skills and compete with other schools in our area. The competition was on Friday, March 6th.

20150306_114903 20150306_115715


The Math Masters of Minnesota competition is designed to promote excellence in thinking skills pertaining to mathematics. It was created by Lewis Aase, a veteran elementary school principal, and Julia Espe, an experienced director of programs for gifted students, both of whom continue to serve on the board of directors. Math Masters of Minnesota incorporated as an independent entity in 1995 and achieved non-profit status in early 1996.

More than 5,500 students competed in 2014 at 42 different sites around the state of Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin as teams and individuals. These challenges are the culmination of a year-long preparation as team members work to improve their math skills. Math Masters includes individual and team competition in a wide range of math areas to permit students with many interests and backgrounds to excel.

All students who participate in Math Masters are to be congratulated and all are winners. Learning that math can be fun and receiving recognition and rewards for excellence in math is an exciting experience for students.