How to Enroll

To Enroll:  Call, visit or email your neighborhood school.  To begin enrolling your child, you will be asked to fill out a Student Registration Form.  Please bring along your child’s social security number, birth certificate and immunization record.

Each school serves a designated attendance area.  If you would like to open enroll into one of our schools, please fill out the Open Enrollment Form and bring it to your intended school office.  If you’re not sure which school serves your attendance area, contact our Transportation Department at 218-749-8130.  If you enroll in your attendance area school and live a certain distance from school, the district provides transportation.  If you enroll in a school outside your attendance area, you provide transportation for your student.

Special Notice for Kindergartners:

Fall Round Up – A time to visit the school, meet the principal and teachers, and register. Contact you local school to attend.

Child’s Birth Certificate:  If your child was born in St. Louis County, contact the St. Louis County Recorder – Vital Statistics, Court House, Room 101 in Duluth or phone 218-726-2559.  If your child was born outside St. Louis County, contact the courthouse in the county in which your child was born.

Child’s Social Security Number

Immunizations:  Minnesota State Law requires that all children entering a Minnesota school for the first time be completely immunized or provide legal exemption of the required immunizations.

Early Childhood Screening:  Minnesota State Law requires a developmental and health screening for each child prior to enrollment in kindergarten.  ISD2142 offers free screening between September and May (offices are not open during the summer months).  For more information contact our Early Childhood Screening office at 218-749-8130.  Another option:  an equivalent screening can be accepted from another agency or provider (such as your family physician).

Physical and Dental Exams:  It is recommended that you make appointments for your child’s physical and dental examination prior to registration and bring the completed forms with you.  The school nurse will review them with you.

 -updated June 2012